Ever need to solve a parenting issue, go online, and find a 400-word article by someone who knows less than you do?

Ever read WebMD? You thought your kid had head lice. Then you read about discoid lupus, #FML.

This drives us crazy. So we’re fixing it.

Mostly Proud Parents is launching to solve this by creating great content, the kind written by experts that go deep on the issues, offering real solutions, and covering the topic with real-world advice. Advice you’d get from a good friend… who has like 20 years of experience with your exact problem. That kind of advice.

All served with a pinch of humor…

…and a dash of our salty tears.

Because parents cry sometimes, ok?



Mostly Proud Parents Editors:

Jason Glaspey

Mostly average father.
Two boys. Lots of tears. Makes internet and communities.

Holly Glaspey

Brutally dedicated to two boys. Makes all the pretty things. Keeps the train on the track.


Mostly Proud Parents Contributors:

Sherry Walling, PhD

Licensed clinical psychologist. Best-selling author, podcaster, and founder of ZenFounder. Badass momma of three.

David Pincus, PhD

Professor and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Chapman University

Amy Davis MA LPC NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor with an emphasis in Relationship and Family Counseling. Mother of two strong girls.

Theo Koch

Teacher, father, and also the founder of Costa Verde International School in Sayulita, Mexico.